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Who has the time to go out and see or sit home and stream every movie as soon as it’s released? Me! I also have the time to read everything about these movies before they come out, so isn’t it fair that I feel entitled to get all shoulda-done-this and shouldn’ta-done-that about them? Yes, it is. And wouldn’t you rather me let you know you can wait for streaming or skip something altogether so you don’t get a babysitter for nothing? Of course you would!

That said, a lot of people bust their asses and spend a lot of money to make movies, so you have to appreciate something about every type of movie, from superhero to scifi to defanged comedies to Oscar-bait dramas to whatever it is James Franco makes. Even when a star just phones in a performance for pocket money or a director is too arrogant to listen to good advice, there are cinematographers and sound technicians and art directors and craft service omelet-makers that do the best work they can on every job. So when those self-involved directors or bored actors or hacky writers screw it up for everyone else, they need to be called out, right? It’s a glamorous job, but someone’s got to do it.

Rated Fritz is where I express my delight for or vent my frustration over a movie in public, so I can a. save my friends who have lives (unlike me) from wasting their precious time, and b. hear from other movie nerds who’ll open my eyes to something good I missed in a film I thought was crap, or something not so good I didn’t notice about a film I liked.

Have at it, and enjoy the show!

Photo courtesy of Dana Hursey Photography